Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

Did the Health Professions Council trade cash for qualifications?

Roxy de Villiers

If allegations prove true, it may mean that corruption at the regulator enabled unqualified people to masquerade as doctors and nurses.

The faces behind SA’s citizenship nightmare

Dan Brotman

Home affairs’ continued intransigence and the private sector’s reluctance to employ legal immigrants are taking a heavy personal toll

A life-saving shift: New reductions in doctors’ hours are still far off the mark

Koot Kotze

Research shows that any shift longer than 16 hours puts doctors and patients at risk.

HPCSA axes top officials

Ina Skosana

The HPCSA has parted ways with its CEO, COO and head of legal services in light of damning findings by a ministerial task team.

Nursing SA back to health

Ina Skosana

The government has set several commendable goals but will have to improve its delivery.