‘What can you do for your country?’

Zandile Mbabela

Nelson Mandela University’s chancellor urges recent graduates to work for justice and equality in society

Are foreigners really entitled to free healthcare in South Africa?

Sasha Stevenson

Recent national and Gauteng memos demanding all foreign patients pay in full for services likely fell foul of the law.

Discovery gets up doctors’ noses

Lynley Donnelly  

Surgical specialists are concerned that day hospitals won’t suit their own or patients’ needs

#Budget2019: Will it lead to more doctors being sued for negligence?

Daniel McLaren

Legal claims against the department now amount to more than half of some provincial health budgets. Less money now will only mean more claims later.

AI set to transform healthcare

Nafisa Akabor

High-perfoming computers can analyse huge swaths of health data accurately and quickly