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‘Politicians take our votes and then they do nothing’

Sarah Smit

The M&G returns to the Mayixhale household, in the Eastern Cape, for the fourth time since the 2004 elections

How to use a before-and-after-sex pill to protect you from HIV - if you’re a gay man

Men who have sex with men can now take PrEP before and after sex and be protected from HIV. Here's how it works.

How the UN’s new strategy could help development goals in the Eastern Cape

Ra'eesa Pather

In 2015, countries committed to the UN's sustainable development goals in an effort to end, for example, poverty, hunger and inequality

Leaving home means leaving family - and could have health implications

Leaving home means leaving your friends, family and social support. But it's worse than that.

Elsa and Nosipho: they both sell sex for a living, but in opposite worlds

Mia Malan

Does sex work legislation have an impact on violence and the spread of HIV? We follow two women who operate in opposite worlds to find out.