HIV drugs

#AIDS2016: ​HIV may be a prescribed benefit, but not all medical schemes cover ARVs

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

In theory medical aids fund ARVs, but in practice it's a complex process, say doctors and activists.

Activists lead fight for the right to cheaper drugs

Amy Green

There is a big move afoot to alert SADC members to the concessions on intellectual property rights that they can take advantage of.

Sangomas learn to meld muti with conventional medicine

Ina Skosana

Traditional and Western healers team up to treat patients with HIV and tuberculosis because many people consult more than one health system.

US health policy weighs on SA's HIV patients

Mara Kardas-Nelson

Hundreds of thousands of HIV patients could be affected by Pepfar's shift in funding policy, according to a new report.

State consolidates HIV treatment

Mia Malan, Ina Skosana

New medicine combines ARVs into one pill, making them easier to supply.