horse meat

Oklahoma to allow horses to be slaughtered for meat


Oklahoma has taken a step toward allowing livestock owners to slaughter horses for food when the governor signed a bill that permits the practice/

Report shows SA meat products contain donkey, goat, buffalo

Staff Reporter

The discovery of horse in meat products sparked outrage across Europe and a new Stellenbosch University report has revealed similar findings in SA.

France accuses Spanghero heads for passing horsemeat as beef

France says managers at French firm Spanghero were responsible for passing off horsemeat as beef.

Horse meat scandal boss speaks out


The president of French meat processor Spanghero has promised to disprove allegations that his firm knowingly sold horsemeat labelled as beef.

Tests show up to 100% horse meat found in Euro beef products


Britain has held emergency talks to discuss the discovery of horse meat in processed food in a scandal that has spread to other European countries.