human trafficking

This is what life is like in the world's last country to ban slavery

Seif Kousmate

Photojournalist, Seif Kousmate, photographed and interviewed current and former slaves in Mauritania and got imprisoned by police in the process.

Football’s dashed hopes: The teenagers sold a Premier League lie

Pete Pattisson, The Guardian

They thought they were signing up for a dream but it turned out to be a trafficking nightmare.

Eritrea's new normal: The tragedy and the struggle for change

Meron Estefanos

Eritreans have become desensitised; the slavery in Libya is “the new normal”

Ukuthwala: The sex trafficking scandal devastating rural South Africa

Lizeka Maduna

In its traditional form, ukuthwala is a collusive strategy used by willing lovers to secure marriage negotiations. But the practice has mutated.

A tale of human traffickers and Libyan slave markets

Ali Younes

Hundreds of African refugees are being bought and sold in "slave markets" across Libya, but many do not survive the journey across the desert.