[FROM OUR ARCHIVES] What can we learn from Angola's yellow fever outbreak?

Ayo Ajayi

The country's yellow fever outbreak is a timely reminder that African countries can't get complacent with their vaccination efforts.

[FROM OUR ARCHIVES] Anti-vaxxers alive in South Africa; risking children's lives

Amy Green

Western anti-immunisation movements have taken root in local communities resulting in some parents refusing to vaccinate their children.

African leaders step up to the plate to narrow immunisation gaps

Candice Bailey

African ministers are taking new steps to provide vaccines for children who don't have access.

Injecting reality into immunisation

Daniel Berman, Gregory Hussey

Claiming blanket protection of children without accurate data is playing it fast and loose with lives, writes Daniel Berman and Gregory Hussey.

Billions raised in Gates-championed vaccination drive

Kate Kelland, Adrian Croft

Donations led by the UK and Bill Gates have far exceeded the $3.7-billion targeted in a drive to fund vaccinations for children in poor countries.