International Aids Conference

#AIDS2016: How a rural community helps each other stay on HIV treatment

Ina Skosana, Mia Malan

An adherence club helped almost all patients stay on their treatment.

#AIDS2016: Medical male circumcision saves millions in lives and costs

Statistics show that voluntary male circumcision is a crucial weapon in the fight to control HIV.

​#AIDS2016: Yes, Helen Zille racism and inequality do fuel the spread of HIV

Mia Malan

The Western Cape premier should know that inequality, not just science, lies at the root of the Aids epidemic.

#AIDS2016: Five things African journalists want to know from Bill Gates

Ina Skosana

Bill Gates was at the International Aids Conference this week. He spent time with five African journalists. Here is what they wanted to know.

#AIDS2016: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi admits that 'key leaders were in denial'

Aaron Motsoaledi

South African health minister calls AIDS denialism an 'unlucky' moment for a country that has since become a leader in HIV treatment, prevention.