IVF procedure

Trying for a baby? Find out your chances of falling pregnant

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Figure out your odds of falling pregnant via in vitro fertilisation with this new online calculator

Nuclear family in meltdown (but the kids will be okay)

Linda Geddes

Test tubes, surrogates, single, lesbian and - the views of family are shifting.Children turn out just fine, as long as they are loved and kept safe.

Hope for parents with HIV

Sibongile Nkosi

Only a few clinics in South Africa offer fertility treatment to HIV-positive couples.

Lab-grown sperm raise hope for male infertility

Ian Sample

Scientists have grown sperm in the laboratory in a landmark study that could help preserve cancer patients' fertility.

Fitness test for embryos

Ian Sample

Fertility doctors have developed a fitness test for embryos which they claim could substantially improve the chances of pregnancy.