John Edwards

Getting closure from the other side

Amy Green

Psychics such as John Edward are 'mostly harmless' and often quite helpful to the living, experts say.

Welcome to America's hall of shame

Michael Tomasky

In at least one obvious way, 2008 was a pretty good year in my country. We made history in electing an African-American president.

Who will be Barack Obama's running mate?

Elana Schor

As Barack Obama prepares for a gruelling general election fight against John McCain, he faces a tough search for the ideal running mate.

Obama prepares for McCain debates

Staff Reporter

Barack Obama, setting his sights well beyond Tuesday's primary against Hillary Clinton, on Sunday began preparations for a summer series of debates against the Republican John McCain. While Clinton campaigned doggedly in West Virginia, which holds its primary on Tuesday, the Obama camp consolidated its claim on the Democratic nomination.

Obama momentum builds in White House race

Jo Biddle

Barack Obama moved closer to sewing up the Democratic presidential nomination on Friday with more superdelegates rallying to his side, as rival Hillary Clinton fought on despite mounting odds against her. Clinton has vowed no surrender and plunged straight back into campaigning before the May 13 primary in West Virginia.

Victory gives Clinton fresh momentum

Staff Reporter

Barack Obama faced renewed questions on Wednesday about his ability to deliver a Democratic victory in November after his failure to knock out Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary. Clinton cast it as a turning point. "The tide is turning," she said in an email to supporters on Wednesday morning.