Discard the odd and publish in Africa

Zukiswa Wanner

As we continue using the same blueprint, we will continue mourning the high illiteracy rates and low returns in the book market

Walking Uganda’s martyrs’ route

Carl Collison

This year, two million pilgrims descended on a Ugandan village to celebrate a display of courage

Nairobi's government remains blind to the matatu

Celia Breuer

The future of Kenya's matatu sector is all but absent in the government's neoliberal vision for urban planning

Botswana decriminalises homosexuality in historic judgment

Carl Collison

‘The state cannot be the sheriff in people’s bedrooms’

Botswana to rule on scrapping anti-gay laws

Oarabile Mosikare

Homosexual acts are outlawed in Botswana — one of Africa's most stable, democratic nations — under the country's penal code of 1965