Leratong Hospital

Bosasa to dead toddler's family: If you want answers, you'll have to PAIA us

Joan van Dyk

About 15 years after their son died while illegally detained at a deportation centre outside Johannesburg, this family still hasn't found his grave.

Gauteng health gets security and technology boost

Staff Reporter

Crime-hit hospitals in Gauteng should have security as soon as March, provincial health minister Brian Hlongwa announced on Wednesday during a Gauteng legislature social-cluster briefing outlining priorities in the coming year. Hlongwa also said Gautengers could have their medical histories recorded on smart cards soon.

Power is a priority in Gauteng

Saving electricity and promoting energy efficiency must be a top priority in 2008, Gauteng Premier Mbhazima Shilowa said in his State of the Province address on Monday. "The future was rosy on December 31 2007, but suddenly everyone is buying candles and researching property in Perth," Shilowa said in Johannesburg. He also discussed transport improvements planned for 2008.