Equality Index shines light on queer inclusion in the workplace

Carl Collison

A 2014 study of queer discrimination in the workplace found 53% of queer workers hide who they are at work

Violence begets violence

Thabiso Bhengu

A rape survivor endures a long, bitter struggle to overcome the hate of what he aches to be

Landmark India ruling ends same sex ban

Abhaya Srivastava

Section 377 of the Indian penal code, enacted by British rulers in 1861, banned 'carnal intercourse against the order of nature'

Why gay porn appeals to women

Carl Collison

Heterosexual porn displays women ‘being fucked’ by men and it’s demeaning

Is education the answer to shifting attitudes towards homosexuality in Botswana?

Keneilwe Sadie Mooketsane

Developing countries have not made the protection of LGBQTI rights a priority, but the more educated people are, the more tolerant they are