These hospitals have become a home away from home in the Maasai's fight against TB

Christabel Ligami, Adri Kotze

When TB strikes, the fight to live can come at the cost of a way of life for the country's nomads. This could help ease the pain.

​Women of the Maasai fight back for their daughters

Emanuela Zuccalà

Girls as young as 10 feel the blade but an extraordinary group is fighting against female genital mutilation (FGM).

Dubai royals hunt out Maasai land

Plans to turn ancestral Maasai land into a reserve for a Dubai royal family appears to be going ahead.

The Maasai sisterhood of education

Eva-Lotta Jansson

An initiative to get young rural girls into school is paying dividends in Tanzania.

Circumcisions haunt Kenya's Maasai females

Otto Bakano

Some of the Kenya's Maasai young women are running away from of the age-old custom of circumcision, now frayed by health risks and new laws.