Medical Research Council of South Africa

‘Manana will at best get a suspended sentence or a fine’

Mia Malan

Fikile Mbabalula, Bathabile Dlamini, Mduduzi Manana. They all served in same cabinet - where 
two ends of a 
vicious circle meet.

South Africa at dagga crossroads


A Western Cape court ruled in March that a ban on dagga use by adults at home was unconstitutional, effectively decriminalising it in the province.

They suffer the cruelty of our care

Bronwyn Myers

SA society continues to betray traumatised young women who spiral into a life of drugs and abuse.

Get up, stand up, stand up for your cardiovascular might

Amy Green, Phyllis Mbanje

Going to gym twice a week isn’t enough to counter the effect of sitting on your backside all week.

Cheers to safer drinking

Staff Reporter

New campaign targets alcohol-related violence and wants alcohol-free zones near places of learning.