medicine costs

SA just endorsed a draft resolution that could bring Big Pharma to its knees

Joan van Dyk

Presented this week at the World Health Assembly, the document could usher in a new era in affordable healthcare. Here's why we need it.

When a good idea – controlling medicine prices – goes bad

Donald MacKay

What happened with paracetamol is an example of an apparently good idea going wrong.

War declared on the 'superbugs'

Amy Green

Several initiatives are under way to stop the abuse of antibiotics.

Patients before patents, demand health activists

Amy Green

The intellectual property policy, which will allow access to cheaper drugs, has yet to be finalised while patients are dying, say health activists.

Dying for access to cheap medicine

Did you know some medicines are 60 times more expensive in SA than in many other countries? Our patent laws are one of the reasons behind these inflated prices.