Melinda Gates

Gates Foundation makes 'Big Bet' for the future

Bill and Melinda Gates

Philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates released their annual letter on Thursday. In it, they predict what the world would look like by 2030.

Comment: 100-million young lives saved by aid

Melinda Gates

Aid may often be criticised, but it works, says the Gates Foundation.

Melinda Gates on what's best for children

Melinda Gates

Family planning is not a luxury to everyone. Melinda Gates talks about why she has dedicated so much of her time to helping women plan their families.

Melinda Gates challenges Vatican on contraception

Joanna Moorhead

Billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates has vowed to dedicate the rest of her life to improving access to contraception across the globe.

It's war on tropical diseases

Sarah Boseley

But experts warn that drugs alone will not win it, after the pharmaceutical giants agree to work together on an ambitious project.