In the future, a simple ring could protect you from HIV and unwanted pregnancies

Yvette Raphael , Manju Chatani

A vaginal ring could one day offer women dual protection against HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies. Unless this happens.

Give us ARVs so we don’t get HIV

South Africans are waiting and willing to help but the Medicines Control Council drags its heels.

Future of Aids gels may lie in drugs

Maggie Fox

The quest for a cream or gel to prevent Aids infection has narrowed to using powerful HIV pills that are already on the market, scientists say.

Disappointing results for microbicide research

Staff Reporter

New research has concluded that the vaginal microbicide gel, PRO 2000, does not prevent HIV infection in women, a study released on Monday said.

Microbicide study results due in November

Staff Reporter

A microbicide study involving 11 000 women from six African countries will present its results in November.