The Zika link: Small heads and brains

The causal link between Zika and foetal abnormalities has been confirmed.

US health authorities confirm Zika causes birth defects

Kerry Sheridan

Scientists have confirmed that the virus causes microcephaly.

WHO experts in Cape Verde to monitor Zika, microcephaly case


Cape Verde, which recorded 22 suspected cases of Zika in the first week of March alone, has reported its first case of microcephaly.

Zika: What you need to know

Where did the Zika virus come from, and just how closely linked to microcephaly is it? SA's National Institute for Communicable Diseases explains all.

Key institutes keep keen watch on Zika for Africa

Ina Skosana

The Ebola outbreak on the continent showed how countries with poor health systems are unfit to fight epidemics.