Millennium Development Goals

Child mortality declining in Niger

A Nigerien blogger visits villages in Niger, investigating whether child mortality rates have improved since the commitment to the MDGs in 2000.

Comment: Mother and child health must improve

Mark Suzman

Increasing access to health services will prevent many mothers and newborn babies from dying.

Monitoring progress towards Sustainable Development Goals

Bjørn Lomborg

The UN's working group suggests 169 targets for the Sustainable Development Goals. But we have to focus on fewer if the results are to be measurable.

Millennium Development Goals expire next year ... What then?

Bjørn Lomborg

The UN needs to get a fix on achievable goals for its next 15-year global development agenda. Economics may well show the way, writes Bjørn Lomborg.

MDGs: Child and maternal health needs critical care

Ina Skosana

Despite increased efforts to improve child and maternal health, countries are still lagging behind in meeting their Millennium Development Goals.