WhatsApp: Cibiyar farfaganda a lokacin zaben Nijeriya

Idayat Hassan, Jamie Hitchen

Kafofin sada zumunta sun taka muhimmiyar rawa a zaben Nijeriya da ya gabata.

The 'propaganda secretaries' behind Nigeria's 2019 election

Idayat Hassan, Jamie Hitchen

Social media and fake news played a big role in Nigeria’s general election.These online entrepreneurs make a living from it

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We must act now to save Nigeria's generation of ‘tobacco babies’

Adewunmi Emoruwa

Muzzled by stringent laws and diligent implementation in the West, the tobacco industry has turned its sights to sub-Saharan Africa

Crazy Rich Nigerians enjoy a ‘plane’ pizza

Eyaaz Matwadia

A Nigerian minister has courted ridicule after saying citizens are having pizzas delivered from London with the help of British Airways