China's overfishing of Africa: The lure and the lies

Hannah Summers

Scientists and campaigners warn that factories in coastal villages are wreaking environmental and economic havoc.

Sierra Leone tackles overfishing but gets small fry

Saidu Bah

Dozens of foreign trawlers are licensed to fish in Sierra Leonean waters and the aim of the ban was to help replenish species damaged by overfishing

Government's ambitious plan to build an ocean economy

Sipho Kings

SA has embarked on Operation Phakisa, a programme which aims to generate R177-billion a year from exploiting the ocean economy.

Conservation efforts 'protect less than 1% of shark species'

Suzanne Goldenberg

An Oceana report says most shark species are heading towards extinction, while many are still being caught and killed.

Uneasy times for Spain's age-old bluefin fishing

Harold Heckle

The season for an ancient and spectacular tuna-fishing technique has begun off Spain's southwest coast.