patent rights

He would ransom the pills for something more precious than profit: His wife’s life

Joan van Dyk

When a few months of treatment costs as much as a house, some patients are taking their lives and the law into their own hands to survive.

Hundreds of protestors descend on DTI's Pretoria offices demanding access to affordable medicines

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Think paying your medical aid premiums every month ensures you access to the drugs you need when you get sick? Think again.

Lift the veil on drug pricing and trade agreements, the UN urges companies and states

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

New United Nations report calls for drug companies to spill closely held secrets and patent reforms.

Bhekisisa's stories changing lives: 'People were finally helping me'

Amy Green

A TB patient finally gets a disability grant and a woman has free access to the world's most expensive drug.

Activists fear a pharmaceutical plot is at play

Amy Green

The department of trade and industry has yet to finalise patent reforms, raising questions that cheaper medication could be blocked intentionally.