paternity leave

Labour law redefines parenthood

Amrita Pande

The definition includes adoptive parents and commissioning parents in surrogacy cases

Working dads can now take paternity leave for 10 days

Riaan Grobler

In addition to paternity benefits, the act will see UIF benefits for workers losing their jobs increase from eight to 12 months

South Africa needs legislated daddy time

Wessel van den Berg

New dads and adoptive parents should have the same time off work as moms who give birth

Paying it forward: South Africa's law should give all fathers and adoptive parents paid parental leave

Wessel van den Berg

Getting parents more involved in childcare is good for a child’s health and prospects in life. South Africa needs to get with the programme.

What does it mean to be a father?

Sonke Gender Justice asks what South Africans think it means to be a father and their opinion on sharing parental responsibilities.