What your doctor is thinking when they say, 'I’m afraid I have some bad news'

Morgan Pantuck

Doctors have turned to scientific studies for guidance on talking with patients, but the results have largely left them guessing.

Mediclinic profit increases as more South Africans turn to private health

Janice Kew

Mediclinic International has seen an increase in full-year profit as more patients have visited its hospitals and spent more money per visit.

Dr Harry Surtie Hospital: Double-edged sword of technology

Ina Skosana

If the new Dr Harry Surtie Hospital has all the latest tech, why are patients complaining?

NHS data used to score patient experience is unreliable

Better service outcomes could be attained in the UK's National Health Service by focusing on the individual needs of patients.

Night-side of life

Staff Reporter

Aircraft are a weird space where people are enclosed for many hours yet remain separate, each in a bubble.