pharmaceuticals companies

Drugs are not the problem

Hans Mackenzie Main

Drugs and marketing don’t get people addicted; people get themselves addicted

War declared on the 'superbugs'

Amy Green

Several initiatives are under way to stop the abuse of antibiotics.

Big pharma companies seek higher profits by cleaning out their medicine chests


Global pharma companies are looking to sell off their mature drugs, which are often sold in emerging markets where governments demand low prices.

Death threats sent to lobbyist after big pharma plot

Phillip De Wet

Local lobbyists nearly hired in a now abandoned plot to change South Africa's rules on drug patents say police are investigating threats against them.

Motsoaledi: Big pharma's 'satanic' plot is genocide

Phillip De Wet

Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi is livid about a pharmaceutical company campaign he says will restrict access to crucial drugs.