police brutality

From Durban to Amsterdam: How the world polices sex work — and why it matters

Mia Malan

Criminalising sex work does almost nothing to stop it and almost everything to make it more dangerous. Is it time for a change?

Groups allege systematic French police brutality against refugees

Katy Fallon

In a year, police committed 972 human rights violations, says a group of NGOs, as Al Jazeera documents similar abuse

This is what it's like being a sex worker: 'Police dragged me out in public naked'

Dylan Bush

Go inside one of the country's most dangerous jobs.

Six years on, still no justice or closure for Marikana victims

Azad Essa

As thousands of mining jobs are cut, families of striking workers slain in 2012 still await compensation and justice

The Zwelihle protests and Bheki Cele’s missing gun

Ra'eesa Pather

While residents in Zwelihle are angry about police brutality, police minister Bheki Cele has one demand of his own: “Give me back my gun”