police brutality

Kenyan rights groups demand clarity over activist's death

Rights groups are demanding an investigation into the death of activist Caroline Mwatha. Police claim she died during a failed abortion

'Yellow vests' storm French ministry as protests turn violent


The yellow vest movement began in rural France over plans to increase fuel taxes

Tunisians clash with police after journalist sets himself ablaze


Abdel Razaq Zorgi set himself on fire over harsh living conditions

Elsa and Nosipho: they both sell sex for a living but in opposite worlds

Mia Malan

Does sex work legislation have an impact on gender-based violence and HIV infection rates? We traveled to Amsterdam and Durban to find out.

Groups allege systematic French police brutality against refugees

Katy Fallon

In a year, police committed 972 human rights violations, says a group of NGOs, as Al Jazeera documents similar abuse