Pravin Gordhan

Gordhan seeks extension on reply to Public Protector ‘rogue unit’ subpoena

Kiri Rupiah

Advocate Mkhwebane subpoenaed Gordhan to submit a replying affidavit by 1pm on April 23 in the matter dating back to his time as Sars commissioner

Moyane denied leave to cross-examine Gordhan

Sarah Smit

The minister accused the erstwhile tax boss of attempting to revive Sars 'rogue unit' allegations

‘Rogue unit’ case keeps dragging on

Natasha Marrian

Both parties are blaming each other for delays that are holding up the high court case

Hadebe tries to allay fears of job losses in internal Eskom memo

Lameez Omarjee

"One of the questions that I hear being asked most often, is: ‘Will I still have a job in this turnaround of Eskom?’," the memo from the CEO reads