protest marches

Words have the power to effect change

Unéné Gregory

We need to think about the way we speak and the effect that has on society and our country

New stats show that nine out of 11 protests a day are peaceful

Phillip de Wet

Policy decisions such as public policing are based on misinterpreted data, skewing budget allocations.

Gupta workers plead for their jobs

Employees of Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments marched to major banks on Tuesday to demand that the company's accounts be reopened.

'Roche holds cancer patients to ransom' - activists

Mia Malan

Activists say if Roche does not drop the price of Herceptin, they will ask the health department to act.

The #FeesMustFall posters that made us sit up and pay attention

From Oscar Pistorius to President Jacob Zuma’s numeracy skills, the students' posters were sharp, funny and grabbed our attention. See our selection.