Class the DNA of society


'Class, in other words, is much more than just one aspect of the social complex,' writes one of our readers

SA adopting colonial categories of people drives racial divide

Suren Pillay

A past of ‘define and rule’ led to current tensions between coloured, black and Indian people

Ethnic boxes perpetuate colonialism

Angelo Fick

The dangerous re-ethnicisation of SA politics must be stopped lest it lead to the same ethnonationalism that caused bloodshed in Rwanda and Yugoslavia

Social networks help combat racial bias

Cyril Julien

Incidents of racism in the US are hardly news, but smartphones and social networks are catapulting such seemingly fleeting moments into the spotlight

Curro: A timeline of alleged racism

Ra'eesa Pather

Waterfall preschool is not the first school in the Curro group to be embroiled in a race row