rape charges

'It's a dirty tricks campaign' — Zizi Kodwa denies rape accusation

ANC head of presidency Zizi Kodwa has strongly denied an accusation that he raped a woman at a private function in April last year.

A lone gay man says 'enough' to hate rapes in Cape wheatlands

Marchillino Ambraal explains why he refuses to drop charges against the gang members who have been terrorising the community in which he lives.

Why rape counselling needs to hit the road and other ways to make services better

Nelisiwe Msomi

When people can't get to healthcare, healthcare needs get to them.

Rape and (in)justice: 340 guilty verdicts from 3952 cases

Mia Malan

A new study shows the dreadful reality of how the criminal justice system is failing victims of this 'priority crime' in SA.

Rape accused kwaito musician Brickz denied bail


Kwaito musician Brickz, who is accused of raping a teenage girl in March and has been in custody since his arrest on November 1, has been denied bail.