Kivu: The forgotten war

Marthe Bosuandole

Fighting in Kivu, a region in the east of the vast powder-keg state of the Democratic Republic of Congo, first flared a generation ago

Contested waters: Conflict on Africa's Great Lakes

East Africa is home to some of the largest and deepest lakes in the world. But many of them also mark the borders between countries

DRC Ebola response hampered by conflict

Kiri Rupiah

The number of suspected Ebola cases in eastern DRC has risen to 73 as ongoing conflicts in the region stymie containment efforts

A pilgrimage to the home of Africa's finest chilli sauce

Simon Allison

Many compete for the crown of Africa’s finest chilli sauce. But only Akabanga Chilli Oil can wear it

US suspends duty-free benefits for apparel from Rwanda


Rwanda blames used clothing — which mainly comes from the US — for undermining the development of its local textile industry