Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force

This bracelet could one day help keep you safe from rape, assaults

Roxy de Villiers

How do you fix South Africa’s sexual and reproductive health wrongs? Help people access their rights.

Are sex workers forced into their jobs?

Sex workers in South Africa want their profession decriminalised, a view supported by many medical professionals and civil society organisations.

Sex, shrugs and policy holes: Why partially decriminalising sex work isn’t enough

Ishtar Lakhani

After almost two decades, the South African Law Reform Commission chose fiction over facts.

Sex workers protest human rights violations

Sbongile Nkosi

Sex workers and civil society groups across Africa took to the streets on Thursday to demand access to healthcare services.

Cape Sex worker victory 'due to NPA failure'

Staff Reporter

A court interdict preventing police arresting sex workers was granted because the NPA fails to prosecute them, the City of Cape Town said on Tuesday.