sleeping disorders

Tired brains in need of a good night’s sleep

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Do students need naps or will a good night's sleep do the trick?

Night of the phone-loving zZzombies

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The latest science shows that your phone might be stopping you from getting enough sleep, raising the risk of accidents, heart ailments and diabetes.

Work absenteeism costs SA economy R16bn a year

Ina Skosana

An estimated average of 15% of staff are absent on any given day - and only one in three people who do not go to work are actually physically ill.

Science of sleep: Getting ZZZs isn't as easy as ABC

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For decades, scientists have been trying to figure out how we sleep. They have their theories, but the bottom line is that you need eight hours a day.

Pill-popping insomniacs need an urgent wake-up call

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One in 10 Britons regularly take a drug to help them to sleep. But is it time to stop popping zopiclone, temazepam and other tablets?