South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC)

How to make our society kinder

Andre Gaum, Eden Esterhuizen

Schools provide a unique opportunity to teach citizens the basics of co-operation and ethics

All our rights should be for all our people

Paul Kariuki

Combating corruption, implementing court orders and holding the state accountable are critical for ensuring human rights for all

South Africa needs to take a position on the plight of the Turks under Erdoğan

Sello Ivan Phahle

The country’s media and NGOs can also play a role in restoring human rights in Turkey

Community reduced to squatting on their ancestral land

Lucas Ledwaba

A Limpopo property mogul has reduced to rubble the homes of people whose families have lived there for more than 200 years

Despite legislation, workers’s rights are still abused

Tseliso Thipanyane

The Constitution enshrines the right to dignity, but it should also include the right to work