TB drugs

Sangomas learn to meld muti with conventional medicine

Ina Skosana

Traditional and Western healers team up to treat patients with HIV and tuberculosis because many people consult more than one health system.

Unlikely perk of prison life: Free, speedy TB treatment

Amy Green

South African jails are making notable strides in screening for, and curing, tuberculosis.

If SA wins the fight against TB, the world will benefit

Gilla Kaplan

South Africa lost nearly 100 000 people to TB last year – three-quarters of whom were HIV-positive. Reducing the burden will benefit the economy.

Turning the tide against TB: Treatment alone won’t work

The global TB rate has been falling by 1.5% per year – far slower than the 10% yearly declines needed to end TB within twenty years.

Undercover tuberculosis: How SA’s top killer slips in under the radar

Amy Green

Healthy lungs don’t mean you’re off the hook: tuberculosis can take root anywhere in the body.