teenage pregnancies

No easy childhood for SA’s youth

Athandiwe Saba

Being a child in South Africa is difficult, but there are programmes that help them to survive and thrive

This is putting SA's women in the grave, so what's health department doing about it?

Yogan Pillay

Pregnancy in South Africa is getting safer, but still not safe enough. Here’s what the health department says they’re doing about it.

'I didn’t think it was necessary to use condoms because I was only 15.'

Joan van Dyk

This province reported skyrocketing rates of teen pregnancy but behind the figures lies a story about sex, knowledge and data.

Tackling HIV among young women needs specific interventions

Dr Sibusiso Mkwananzi

We need to take measures that will address gender violence, inequality and patriarchy

In denial of reality, we stuff our eye sockets and ears with toilet paper

Mathew Blatchford

'Years of incompetent government in the service of irresponsible oligarchs has left the country in ruins,' writes Mathew Blatchford