teenage sex

Tackling HIV among young women needs specific interventions

Dr Sibusiso Mkwananzi

We need to take measures that will address gender violence, inequality and patriarchy

Zuma: Send teenage moms to Robben Island


The president has repeated his belief that teenage mothers should be separated from their babies and sent to a "faraway" place to finish school.

Keep teen mums in school

Samantha Willan

Teen moms shouldn't be stigmatised; they should be encouraged to finish school, writes University of KwaZulu-Natal researcher Samantha Willan.

Teenage mums need support, not censure

Ina Skosana

Stigma can ruin the lives of young mothers, but there is support available that can keep their futures bright.

Letters: October 18 to October 24 2013


From the Nobel prize-winners of 2013 to teens having sex, M&G readers weigh in.