Keep teen mums in school

Samantha Willan

Teen moms shouldn't be stigmatised; they should be encouraged to finish school, writes University of KwaZulu-Natal researcher Samantha Willan.

Teenage mums need support, not censure

Ina Skosana

Stigma can ruin the lives of young mothers, but there is support available that can keep their futures bright.

Anti-abortion agenda manipulates fact and emotions

Faranaaz Parker

An article about rising abortions among teenage girls in the Eastern Cape has missed the real issue, writes Faranaaz Parker.

Bush years' syphilis boom

Chris McGreal

Teenage pregnancies and syphilis have risen sharply among the generation of American schoolgirls who were urged to avoid sex before marriage

I am an activist: Break the cycle

Tebogo Mabye records the consequences of teenage pregnancy. Raised by a teenage mother, the 16-year-old is determined to stop the cycle by sharing his story.