The Gambia

'No sex, no coffee, no ARVs': Former president's quackery could land him in court

Adri Kotze , Momodou L. Jaiteh

Former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh will be the first African head of state to be tried for violating the rights of HIV-positive people.

The flame of justice flickers on

Evan Mawarire

A new breed of African freedom fighter is emerging, challenging authoritarianism with pure ideas that seek nothing but progress through liberty

Europe is training military forces in weak states – and that’s risky

A well-trained military is crucial to a functioning civil democracy, but it can be a liability too.

The Gambia’s post-election blues

Deutsche Welle

Seldom has an election given rise to so much hope on the African continent as the one that placed Adama Barrow at the helm of the Gambia.

Cleaning up the tyrant’s mess

Simon Allison

After forcing out Jammeh, The Gambia must fix what he broke