SA’s pioneer intersex and trans models

Carl Collison

Lauren Foster and Monique Walker found themselves in a conservative but developing industry

Transgender healthcare: What to know before you hit the waiting room

Nelisiwe Msomi

Finding gender-affirming care can be tough but there are some tips and resources to help.

Becoming: Why most medical aids don't pay for transgender care

Nelisiwe Msomi

For transgender people, gender-affirming care can be a matter of life and death. But medical aids still see it as a choice rather than a necessity.

The art and struggles of drag

​Zane Lelo Meslani

Having been historically outlawed, drag culture redressed historical conditioning with contemporary trans activists

Equality Index shines light on queer inclusion in the workplace

Carl Collison

A 2014 study of queer discrimination in the workplace found 53% of queer workers hide who they are at work