Busted: The myths that could be standing between you and the HIV prevention pill

Joan van Dyk

A single daily tablet could slash your risk of HIV infection, could it be for you?

A male Kenyan sex worker tells us how the HIV prevention pill has changed his life

Last year Kenya became the second African country, after South Africa, to approve the use of Truvada as a form of HIV prevention.

#AIDS2016:“I’ve taken control of my sex life. I use an HIV prevention pill.”

Mia Malan

An HIV prevention pill can reduce HIV-negative people's chances of contracting HIV by more than 90%.

#AIDS2016: New science may put the power to prevent HIV in women's hands

Linda-Gail Bekker

Being able to take a pill discreetly, as women have done with contraceptives since the 1950s, is an HIV prevention revolution.

Twenty things you need to know about how to prevent HIV with a pill

Mia Malan

Need to know more about PrEP? Mia Malan talks to Dr Kevin Rebe to answer your questions.