Why money earmarked to fight Ebola may have financed one man's love life

Rebecca Ratcliffe

The World Health Organization launches an inquiry after claims of ‘legendary’ corruption, including racism and sexism.

'Boys club' culture at UNAids allowed for sexual harassment and bullying - report

Laura Lopez Gonzalez

The investigation of an independent panel recommends reviewing whether UNAids executive director Michel Sidibé should continue in his role.

SA's HIV treatment programme has saved 1.3-million lives

Ina Skosana

A report by UNAids has revealed that SA's antiretroviral coverage has greatly increased in the last two decades, but remains short of global targets.

Comment: HIV fight requires wisdom

Marcus Low

The health minister and UNAids are jumping the gun by not consulting activists.

Aids could be over by 2030 - or it could get worse than it is now

Mia Malan

The epidemic could end in 15 years if "fast-track targets" are accelerated in the next six years – if not, infection rates could continue to rise.