United Nations

With border open, Ethiopia and Eritrea are back in business

Chris Stein

After 20 years of bloody conflict and grim stalemate, the Ethiopia-Eritrea border is bustling once again

Costa Rica shows us how

The country’s successful reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an example that needs to be followed

Earth faces climactic moment

Sipho Kings

A UN report warns about the effect of global warming but says the tools exist to avert this fate

South Africa must guard against the erosion of its social contract

Thanduxolo Nkala

When the state fails to deliver on its promises, the people will inevitably rise up to take what’s theirs

The IPCC’s latest climate report on 1.5°C holds implications for African countries

Glen Tyler, Anton Cartwright

The continent will have to chart its own way, not following the examples of Europe and North America, if it is to reach its targets