The tobacco industry says vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Should you believe it?

Joan van Dyk

Find out what you need to know with this latest article in our series separating tobacco fact from fiction.

Thank you for vaping

JS Smit

'Over the course of the past five years, I’ve seen people of a variety of ages and vocations suck on their cylinders as if preparing to go underwater'

Vaping could pose a cancer risk, study finds


'E-cigarette smokers might have a higher risk than nonsmokers of developing lung and bladder cancers and heart diseases'

The antismoking lobby says e-cigarettes should fall under the same act as 'normal' cigarettes

Ina Skosana

The Electronic-cigarette Association of South Africa has labelled the government's attempts to regulate the devices as a cop-out.

E-cigarettes: Gimmick or healthier choice?

E-cigarettes are taking SA by storm, but are they really better than tobacco products? Michelle Solomon talks about her vaping experience.