Seven things you should know about this country's largest Lassa fever outbreak

Coumba Sylla, Africa Check

Nigeria's latest and largest epidemic has claimed almost 100 lives. Find out more about the virus.

Explainer: why children are at risk of hand, foot and mouth disease

Kerrigan McCarthy

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection that can affect infants and young children.

Ebola death toll rises in Guinea


Guinea has battled to contain an Ebola epidemic threatening neighbouring countries as fear and confusion grips its people.

'Chameleon' - the computer virus that spreads through wi-fi

Sarah Wild

Computer viruses now live up to their name: thanks to British researchers wi-fi networks can now infect each other just like a common cold works.

Complex 'The Mask' malware found behind massive cyber attacks


An advanced Spanish-speaking "threat actor" dubbed "The Mask" has been discovered to be behind global cyberespionage operations since at least 2007.