World Aids Day

If not now, later: Women's vulnerability to HIV risk

Dr Mzikazi Nduna

Keeping girls at school could reduce their vulnerability to infection. But women’s lack of empowerment will affect this intervention's success

Successful HIV treatment create health problems by contaminating water with ARVs

Dr Eunice Ubomba-Jaswa

Traces of the drugs are found in urine and faeces, but water treatment plants are not designed to remove them

Turning the tide against TB: Treatment alone won’t work

The global TB rate has been falling by 1.5% per year – far slower than the 10% yearly declines needed to end TB within twenty years.

HIV treatment: Where are the men?

Dean Peacock

Our failure to adequately engage men with health services reduces the effectiveness of the many impressive, new HIV prevention breakthroughs.

Prudence Mabele: "I have seen ARVs save lives"

Ina Skosana

Mabele helped lead the fight for antiretrovirals in SA. A memorial service will be held for her today. This was her last interview with Bhekisisa.