World Bank

Cyclone Idai: After the floods, the famine. And then more of the same

Simon Allison

With the world getting hotter, and governments largely failing to take climate change seriously, natural disasters will become the new normal

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan must agree on sharing the Nile — before it’s too late

Crisis Group

Tensions around the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam must be resolved before the dam comes online

​Women should design public toilets

Chilufya Chileshe

Consulting women about their needs would go a long way towards ensuring their health and safety

Educating Abuja girls to STEM the cost of hi-tech research

Alex Jackson

A recent Wo​rld Bank​ report highlighted the costs of limiting educational opportunity for girls

Ramaphosa cannot stay silent on Zimbabwe

Dewa Mavhinga

With Zimbabwe asking South Africa for a bailout package of $1.2-billion, Ramaphosa has an opportunity to press for key reforms in the country