Wouter Basson

PODCAST: Examining Dr Death

How did a man who headed the apartheid-era chemical and biological warfare program Project Coast manage to stay in business in post-apartheid SA?

Horrors hidden in plain sight

Kwanele Sosibo

A deliberately dense exhibition reveals the ghastly underbelly of Wouter Basson’s Project Coast.

Basson recusal application fails

Ina Skosana

The petition in question was initiated by the People's Health Movement, not the South African Medical Association or the Rural Doctors Association.

Basson launches bid to force committee recusal

Ina Skosana

Citing a conflict of interests and an inability to be impartial, "Dr Death" wants the committee conducting the inquiry into his conduct to step down.

Dr Death outfoxes his pursuers

Mia Malan, Ina Skosana

After 14 years of delays, the Health Professions Council should have seen what was coming in the Wouter Basson case.