New rules and ghost voters threaten Zimbabwe’s vote

Nicole Beardsworth

In a shock new change, the ZEC is to adjust the electoral protocol in the ZEC elections handbook to reposition the country’s voting booths

Zim land reform can actually teach SA a thing or two

Sithandiwe Yeni

Aside from land grabs by greedy elites, a notable spinoff has been the successful subdivision of farms

Ethiopia’s 100-day revolution

Simon Allison

All new leaders promise change, but few deliver. Abiy Ahmed is different

When it’s more than just a game

Luke Feltham, Kiri Rupiah

On our TV screens, sport happens in a vacuum. But for John Mikel Obi and other African stars, real world problems intrude all too often

Women the biggest losers in Zim election

The die has been cast against them, despite the reassurances of the country’s new leader